The Story of Her Naturale

The Story of Her Naturale

The inspiration of the brand Her Naturale came from building a product brand with natural ingredients and to create something that is not harmful to our skins.


A few years ago, somewhere in year 2016, when I saw my younger twin son, having eczema on his hands and legs, and seeing that there was nothing I could do much about it, saddened me. I was feeling very heartache and stressed as every time I took him to a skin specialist, they could only subscribe cream that contained steroid. It’s does help to reduce the itchiness, but the eczema does not go away. A lot of people I known of advice that using too much steroid is not a good choice, as it is harmful to the skin, especially a kid so young.

My twin son had eczema when he was born. The condition was worst when he was a baby, even his scalp has eczema, and I had to use olive oil to wash his hair and scalp to get rid of them. His skin was red, even his face. Since he is too little, I just had to use baby oil and baby lotion to make him feel more comfortable, as using medication is not a good choice. Until he was turning into a toddler, do I dare to take him to a skin specialist. But this does not help as well.


One day, I was browsing Facebook and saw someone selling an eczema salve, with natural ingredients. I decided to give it a try. I starting applying for my son, and it help reduce his itchiness and redness. So I started buying continuously. However, after some time, I found out that the salve are not long lasting as it started to get moss and will turned bad after 2 weeks of using. Thus I always had to throw away the leftover and buy a new one. And this is money burning. So I started to do research on my own, and learned how to make one of this myself.


Soon, after doing a lot of research online, I began to experiment making eczema salve myself. After a few trial and errors, I came out with my own version of eczema salve, with ingredients that are soothing to the skin, and able to reduce itchiness and redness to the skin. However, since salve, without preservative, its does not last more than 2 weeks. And I also found that when you apply salve to the skin, you need to use your fingers, and this make the salve turned bad even faster as your fingers can contaminate the salve. That’s give me another idea, to make the salve into a body lotion, and put them into a pumping bottle instead. Then another round of research and experiment started.

I was successful in creating the body lotion, which contained a plentiful amount of natural ingredients that are cooling, soothing and not sticky to our skin. Even I used the body lotion myself as it feel good. I was so happy I solve the problem to my son eczema condition.

Although this body lotion is not perfect and of course, it’s just a lotion, not a medication and does not totally cure eczema, but it does help to reduce his skin problem to a minimal.


Having done so much research and experiment on natural ingredients, I fell in love with making skin care and makeup products with natural ingredients. I no longer buy and used products that are selling outside, instead I made my own skin care and makeup items, ranging from Facial cleanser, toner, face essence, eye essence, moisturiser, liquid foundation, etc. You name it, if I can make it, I will use it.


One day, my husband came to me and said, since you are using your own self-made products, why don’t you introduce your products to other so that other people can use natural ingredients made product as well. That’s how the brand Her Naturale was founded.


My vision is to let more people use Cosmetics and Skin Care that are made from natural ingredients, as having put too much chemical products onto our face, you might not know what’s the effects in the future.